Did you see The Beatles for $5.00?

Listen to the Big Ape, The Mighty 690 - WAPE - Jacksonville, Florida!

The mighty 690, situated along the Atlantic coast in Jacksonville, Florida, had a ground wave so big it was heard from North Carolina to South Florida during the day. Coupled with the signal, the talents of Larry Dixon, The Greaseman and Jay Thomas graced the 50,000 watt blowtorch’s carrier with some of the very best entertainment of that era.

Big Ape 1 - Dan Brennan and Dan's Dusty Discs.

Big Ape 2 - The Dino Show Promo.

Big Ape3 - The Beatles show. As the ticket shows you could see the Beatles for $5.00 in 1964!

Big Ape 4 - The Radio Country Club of the South!

The APE from area bill boards in the 60's. The Mighty Six Ninety. The "KC" stood for Kilo Cycles since this was before the term was changed from Cycles to Hertz in honor of Heinrich Hertz, early radio pioneer.


Jack Mock - Big APE DJ during the 60's. The fountain was functional as well as aesthetic because it served as part of the water cooling system for the transmitter, which was 50,000 watts and generated plenty of real heat as well the "hot" sounds eminating from the radio tower!


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Big Ape mp3's, logo and Photo of Jack Mock courtesy of John Stevens.